In March & April 2017, I had the opportunity to go on a Graphic Design Study Tour in London and Barcelona with students & teachers from my University course.
Our visit to ‘Print Club London’ was on our first full day in London. Although still a quite jetlagged, we were ready to create something and for a lot of us, learn a new skill. As a group, we thoroughly enjoyed this full-day workshop and it set the benchmark for the rest of the workshops on the trip.

Outside Print Club London's studio space

During this workshop, we learnt step-by-step each process of creating a screenprint, from creating the screen to cleaning and washing it afterwards. All the tutors at Print Club were fantastic in showing us the correct technique in how to screenprint, with what tools and how to avoid making mistakes. Learning the correct technique on how to properly print on a screen was great, creating the base of the screen with the emulsion, not hurting your wrists when pulling the ink through, keeping the screen from drying out etc.
Above: In-progress shots of the screens, printing and cleaning/washing the screen afterwards​​​​​​​
The afternoon was spent printing out the designs created on the screens in the morning. This is where we got to experiment with different coloured inks, what colours work together and using each design to showcase how screenprinting doesn’t just have to be one-colour print every time. There were some really cool outcomes for all of the artworks used.
Being in a real studio/working area was a fantastic experience for all of us, to see what it’s like for artists to come and create these prints as well as make a passive income for themselves while doing something they enjoy. It was inspiring to be surrounded by working artists and being immersed in an active and enthusiastic creative environment.
Above: Final prints of my artwork used - printed by myself & different RMIT students
I think that this workshop, for all the students, was a great way to learn a new skill, especially one that we have the resources for back on campus. This workshop also provided a great insight into how we can create a passive income with 'hands-on' work and art, rather than using technology each time. I hope to use this skill in the future whether it be by applying it to the Capstone project or into my career to add another aspect to my skills as a Graphic Designer.
Above: Other student's amazing prints from the workshop.
This project was made in collaboration with Print Club London and the people who work there. The RMIT 2017 Graphic Design Study Tour students also contributed during the process by providing the artwork and assisting in the screen printing process of prints produced and some shown here. Thank you to those who helped and had a hand in some way of helping during the workshop.
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