Hi there!

Nice to meet you! So a little bit about me…

I’m Caitlin and I am a graphic designer living on the stunning Mornington Peninsula. At the end of last year, I completed my degree in Graphic Design from RMIT.

Growing up, I was always a creative child whether it be in dancing, art class, design, you name it! They held my interest for a lot longer than the maths or sciences.

I am passionate about creating solutions to your graphic design problem. I have a love for stationery, greeting cards, invitation design, branding, typography, event design (place cards, menus etc.) & the like.

When I’m not in designer mode, I enjoy my long term hobbies of dancing, photography as well as roam the Peninsula & being a mid-range foodie.

If you have any questions regarding design, photography or just want to get in touch, feel free to contact me anytime.