Hi there, nice to meet you! You guessed it, my name is Caitlin. I'm a graphic and communication designer located on the Mornington Peninsula. 
My entire design ethos is to create moments, capture details and design for change. These three pillars are what motivate me when creating.
I hope there's something here that you connect with and want to know more about. Feel free to enquire or just get in touch by using the Contact page or on Instagram @madebycaitlin.design
Caitlin xo

Designer Statement: "Caitlin Archibald is a graphic designer with a lot to give, beyond the realm of the 2D page.
She is designing for change, influenced by equality and representation. The notion that one gender is better than another simply does not exist in her ethos. Caitlin is providing a breath of fresh air through her determination and confidence, paving the way for the elimination of gender discrimination. Graphic Design for Caitlin is a method to promote change. A tool which can be used to make a positive influence within today’s society.
Caitlin is designing to promote growth, not only in the design industry but the growth of small businesses. She compassionately works with these companies to nourish their visions, providing room for them to thrive. For Caitlin, it’s not only about the final product, rather the journey she takes with her clients to help them transform their brand. She provides a strong sense of direction and certainty, which makes her clients feel at ease.
With the client always at the heart of the design, Caitlin is able to provide timeless and sustainable solutions. Her designs deeply reflect the core purpose of the design, rather than just an aesthetically pleasing image. Being talented in multiple facets of design such as print, photography, branding and events, just to name a few, allows Caitlin to capture the small details that make up the bigger picture."
Written by Emily Chim, @designby.emilychim
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